Canoe Hire Arley

Kayak Hire and Canoe Hire Arley

Canoe Hire Arley. Canoeing or kayaking to Arley from Bridgenorth is the perfect way to explore the river Wye for a full day trip. Both upstream and downstream the river winds peacefully through the green fields and dense woodland of the Severn Valley. At Arley there is also a very pleasant tearooms. There is plenty of wildlife to spot en route and on the return journey you have the opportunity to use the Severn Valley Railway which adds something a bit different to your trip!

Canoe Hire ArleyThis trip returns on the Severn Valley Railway

Launch and Landing Points

The launch and landing point at Arley is on the left hand side of the river as you go downstream.

Don’t forget we also have the capability to provide canoe or kayak hire from any of our other landing points on the River Severn. Take a look at our river trips to work out what is best for you and your group!


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What’s included?

  • Boat hire, either canoe or kayak depending on your preference
  • Paddles
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Waterproof barrel
  • River Map
  • Steam train ride back to your start point on the Severn Valley Railway
  • Safety brief and basic instruction before setting off

Kayak Hire & Canoe Hire Arley

To Arley we recommend our 1 day trip from Bridgenorth to Arley. This is a perfect day trip, stopping at Hampton Loade for lunch should you wish. The return trip to the start is made by the Severn Valley Railway which is also included in the price.