Canoeing on the River Wye, River Thames & River Severn

We provide Canadian canoeing and canoe hire on the River Wye, River Thames and River Severn in England and Wales. Canadian canoeing is a great activity for any kind of group wanting to enjoy the river. It provides good exercise without being too tiring and gives perfect views of the riverside wildlife.


Three paddlers making their way downstream in on of our open ‘Old Town’ canoes.

Camping on the River Wye, River Thames & River Severn

For adventurous groups we also offer canoeing holidays ranging between two and seven days staying at riverside campsites. In each section of our site we offer suggested accommodation providers close to the river in question. Find these beneath the river of your choice in the main menu at the top of the page. We can also arrange accommodation and transfers for your river trip.

Canoeing Information

Canoes are also referred to as open boats and can be punted (using a pole), sailed or lined and tracked using ropes and in some cases are closed-decked.

In recent years canoeing holidays have become more popular with the growing number of public access points around England and Wales. These can be found on rivers such as the River Wye, the River Severn and the River Thames.

The first types of canoe did not have seats and paddling was done from a kneeled position. Today nearly all canoes have seats or saddles for better control.

What is the difference between canoeing and kayaking?

Kayaking differs from canoeing due to the shape of the boat, the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. In a canoe, the paddler uses a single-blade paddle. The boat is generally ‘open’ to the elements and the paddler adopts a paddling position by kneeling on one knee, both knees, or by sitting down.

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