River Severn Locations

River Severn Locations

River Severn Locations for Canoe and Kayak Hire

Canoe Hire – Coalport

One of our river Severn locations is Coalport, Shropshire. It is located on the River Severn in the Ironbridge Gorge, a mile downstream of Ironbridge and lies predominantly north of the river. This is a great place to start a 2 day trip down the river Severn to Bewdley.

Canoe Hire – Bridgenorth

Bridgnorth is split into High Town and Low Town, named on account of their elevations relative to the River Severn, which separates the upper town on the right bank from the lower on the left. Bridgnorth is a perfect location to start a full day trip down to Arley. The Severn Valley railway will bring you all the way back (included) which adds a another dimension to your trip!

Canoe Hire – Hampton Loade

Hampton Loade is a hamlet in the Severn Valley. It is situated on the east bank of the River Severn and is notable for the unusual current-operated Hampton Loade Ferry, a cable ferry to the hamlet of Hampton on the west bank. The ferry is responsible for Hampton Loade’s name, as Loade is derived from lode, an old English word for ferry.We use this as our camping stop over point on our 2 day trip from Coalport to Bewdley. The Unicorn Inn is where the campsite is located.

Canoe Hire – Arley

Arley is a village in Warwickshire on the river Severn. The parish includes two settlements, New Arley and Old Arley. Old Arley is to the west of the Bourne Brook and the railway line, and New Arley is to the east. This is the finish location for our 1 day trip from Bridgenorth where the Severn Valley Steam Railway will bring you back to your start location.

Canoe Hire – Bewdley

The main part of Bewdley town is situated on the western bank of the River Severn, including the main street — Load Street — whose name derives from lode, an old word for ferry. Load Street is notable for its width: this is because it once also served as the town’s market place. This is the finish location for our 2 day trip from Coalport. From Bewdley the Severn Valley Steam Railway will take you back to your start location (included in the price).