River Wye FAQ’s

Welcome to our River Wye FAQ’s page. Scroll down to find out answers to our most commonly asked questions about canoe hire on the river Wye. Can’t find what you are looking for? Call us on 01432 264 807 or fill in the enquiry form above and we will get right back to you.

River Wye FAQ’s

Where can I canoe?

We provide canoe hire for the River Wye, all of it’s navigable length from Glasbury to Chepstow.

What boats do you have?

We have a range of sit-on-top kayaks, closed kayaks and open Canadian canoes. For further information see our equipment page.

What is the difference between a canoe and a kayak?

We have a comprehensive overview of the differences between a canoe and kayak on this page.

Are children allowed?

Yes, but there is a minimum age of 5 years old and 25Kg in weight to be able to go on the river in good conditions this is both for canoeing and kayaking. If you have small children, call 01432 264 807 to speak to one of our experienced paddlers.

Is there a minimum number?

We accept bookings of two or more. This is because it can be dangerous to paddle alone!

How do I book?

You can either complete our enquiry form on the website, email or call our office and we will book you in. In the summer months please book well in advance to avoid being disappointed.

What should I wear?

You will be fitted with a buoyancy aid – this must be worn at all times. Lightweight shorts or trousers, not jeans. Wear shoes you dont mind getting wet. Ideally some old trainers, or something thats not going to fall off your feet. Avoid sandals that don’t strap onto your feet, wellies, flip flops, or stilettos!!

Do I need an instructor to hire canoes or kayaks?

If you haven’t got any paddling experience or if you have young children in your group, we would always recommend having an instructor or river guide with you, but most groups just hire boats and go, especially if they have been with us before and are confident on water. You should always have an instructor if you’re a youth group (from a school, college or similar) unless you have your own qualified instructor with your group.

How much will it cost?

  • Half day canoe hire: £30 per person.
  • Full day canoe hire: £40 per person.
  • Overnight canoe hire: £40 per person.

Call 01432 264 807 for a quote.

Is there a minimum number?

We accept bookings of two or more. This is because it can be dangerous to paddle alone!

Can I take a dog in the canoe?

Yes, so long as your dog can swim and your confident then that’s fine.

How fast will we travel?

This depends on the river level at the time when you’re paddling. Normally we say if the river’s “low it’s slow” but this does vary slightly from one section to another. Normally during summer time conditions, groups travel at an average of 3mph.

How far will I get in a day?

Normally we would recommend a day trip being around 12 miles but if groups start early enough you could cover 18 miles.

How far can I go if I book for a half day trip?

Anything up to 5.5 miles is good half day session. Anything over 5.5 miles is classed as a full day.

Can I fit camping kit in the canoe?

Yes and we give barrels to put your kit into.

Can I fit camping kit in the kayak?

Some of our river touring kayaks have compartments to put kit into but you’ll need to bring your own dry bags and pack lightly. Bin bags work really well in the storage spaces as well.

Can I camp next to the River Wye?

Yes, there are loads of options to camp next to the River. Some campsite have more facilities than others and some allow campfires and will bring you wood to burn. Checkout our information page for full details.

Can I stop along the way?

Stopping along the way is permitted and you’ll find lots of place to pull over either on public land or at cafe’s or pubs along the way. All we ask is that you respect other people property and be careful not to trespass on private land.

What can I do with my litter?

Please put all your litter in bins and don’t leave anything behind. If you need a bag just ask, we always have loads to hand out.

Can I drink alcohol on the river?

We don’t recommend drinking any alcohol at all while on any activities as you will increase the risk of having an accident.

Can I take any glass bottles on the River Wye?

No. Please take all fluids in plastic containers. Glass and rivers don’t mix very well and people generally end up with getting injured or worse animals getting killed.

Is transport included?

Yes. We supply transport to collect you at the end of your trip and return you to the start, which is always included in the price.

Will I get wet?

Canoeing and kayaking are water sports so we always tell people to plan on getting wet and to dress accordingly. Some people might only get a wet bum but others do capsize on occasion and it’s best to have a change of clothes with you.

What happens if we capsize?

Before you set off we will give you a full safety brief based on the conditions on the day and we will explain exactly what to do in the event of capsizing and ending up in the river. We issue buoyancy aids to each person, so you don’t have to be the best swimmer, although you do have to be confident and able. If you don’t think you are either we would always recommend having a guild or instructor with you for your trip.

Do I need to be able to swim?

You don’t have to be a great swimmer but you do have to be able bodied and confident. If you’re not then take a guide or instructor with you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Do we get a barrel to put our things into?

Yes, if you’re canoeing you can have waterproof barrels to put your things in. On top of this we always recommend putting your items in a plastic bag first just to be completely safe.

Can we take food with us?

Yes. At the very least you should have some fluids and a snack but picnics are a great option as well. Just remember not to trespass on other peoples land and always take your litter home. If you need a rubbish bag ask your instructor before you set off, we normally carry spare in the vehicles.

What should we take on our trip?

Waterproof jacket, fleece or something warm depending on the weather. A change of clothes and shoes just in case you get wet. A small waterproof bag or container for your phone. We provide you with barrels to store some kit. A bit of food and drink.